Author Website & Online Marketing Services

Supporting authors by reducing the confusion and overwhelm of marketing in the online world

We get it. Writing is your thing. 

We understand writers. You’re good at writing. That’s what you love – that’s all you really want to do. You’ve been happily working away at your stories, dreaming about the day you get published.

But now you’ve found out it’s not enough. You need a website. You need a social media presence. You need to setup email marketing. You need an “author platform” – whatever that is.

We also know that for many writers, particularly those just starting out, your budget is pretty small.

But that’s okay, they tell you – because you can do it all yourself! It’s easy. Just sign up here, download this, install that. Connect x to y, get some photos, and you’re all set!

While to a certain extent you can do a lot of online marketing yourself, truth is writers and authors (and anyone outside the online marketing industry, really) usually fall into one of 3 categories:


You’re hip and happening when it comes to technology. You’ve already built a website and are actively using social media. But some feedback and tips on how to improve would be useful.

Ready to Learn

You haven’t built a website before, or managed a social media account, but you’re pretty game. You’re happy to, and have the time to do some online learning and figure things out. Some guidance on the best places to get started would be helpful and time saving. 

Technologically Reluctant or Time Challenged

The thought of tackling websites and online marketing is overwhelming. After all, you’re a writer, that’s what you do and that’s all you want to do. Someone to take these tasks off your hands would be amazing.

No matter which category you fall into, if you are pursuing writing with the goal of either making money, or reaching people, you’re going to need an online presence.

How broad that marketing platform is, and what channels you’re going to need, will vary depending on your target audience.

Author Marketing Assistance Services

Below are some of our service packages available exclusively to authors and writers. 

We’re here to help so you don’t get overwhelmed

Whether you’re techno-savvy, ready to learn, technologically reluctant or just don’t have the time, we have a range of services that can help you establish and manage your author platform.

We can assist you with whatever you need, no matter where you are in the process.

This includes, but is not limited to:


    direction with getting started with websites and online marketing


    feedback and additional guidance on the website you've built


    technical help connecting aspects of your platform (i.e. social media to your website, and vice versa)


    help selecting the best platforms for your target audience


    strategy and planning for now and into the future


    images and templates to help you manage social media


    taking some aspects - or perhaps everything! - off your hands so you can just write


    custom designed websites

    Customised Services

    Need something not listed? No worries! Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean we aren’t offering services in that area.

    Contact us and let’s chat about your specific needs.

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