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Identify. Impress. Inspire.

12-Month Tech Program for

Women in Business

To the woman in business who is sick and tired of tech overwhelm…

You have wasted time, dollars and hours trying to get this right for yourself.

Maybe you hired some well-meaning VA’s or even someone on fiverr.

Your website is no better off and in some cases – may have been completely stuffed up.

And you are left holding the tech baggage.


And you are over it.

Maybe you had a lovely website built – but now what?

It’s like having a beautiful wardrobe you purchased over 5 years ago.

But you have outgrown that style.

And it’s not a reflection of you or your business anymore.


Your website is holding you back…

  • From raising your rates
  • From attracting your ideal clients
  • From going to the next level in business
  • From reaching your dreams

It’s not a real representation of your expertise and who you are today in the business world.

The website was never meant to ADD more work to your business.

Your website should…

Save you time and beautifully represent your business (the business you have TODAY) and make you money while you sleep.

After all, that’s why you went into business right?

I get it.

You are juggling so many balls in your business right now.

You can’t be expected to be a tech wizard while you are: coaching clients, creating content and staying in your genius zone – while keeping up your website updates and automating your systems.

This is NOT how you are meant to spend your precious hours in business.

I have worked with countless women in business… just like you.

You want to …

Own your expertise.

Share the incredible gift you have with your clients.

Do what you do best: Teach, Share, Train, Mentor, Coach, Create…

THAT’S where you belong.

But, in order to make money consistently and not be ‘on’ 24/7…

 That’s where I come in.

Website Course for Women in Business

Imagine while you are sleeping….

Your ideal clients get to discover a beautiful virtual online home – that showcases your: expertise, value and unique services.

And with one click of a button they easily:

Apply for a call
Join your mailing list
Purchase that bundle
Download that e-book
Sign up to your bootcamp
Pay to join your group
In a seamless, automated and joyful way.



A 12 month program for the woman in business who is ready to go to the next level in her online business.

It’s time to up-level your online game

In this program you will have:

A team of experts who will: transform your website, deal with the tech issues and elevate your online presence so you can:

Reach your business goals (faster)

Attract your ideal clients (joyfully)

Convert visitors into paying customers (easily)

Join our 12 month program and say GOODBYE to the tech drama forever and HELLO to business freedom.


Led by the Wonder Woman of Website Transformation…

Helen Wakefield
Owner of Impressence Studios

I have been in the IT space for over 20 years.

I have been building websites since I was a teenager (as soon as I discovered websites I was hooked). I could see how the possibilities of an online presence could be world-changing. Working for a national company, I revolutionised the business processes by introducing online systems that saved the company money and across  the branches throughout Australia.

I started my own business when I became a mum.

I have worked with countless business owners on transforming their online presence through: business strategy, website performance, optimising content and creating bespoke systems specific to their goals.

I have yet to meet a business that I can’t help take to the next level.

Even while juggling the demands of family and business.

I understand what it’s like having the business dream and the heart for your family.

You can still elevate your business and be there for your family in a joyful, present way.

That’s why it’s important to get the foundation right – so you can experience real business freedom without leaving your family behind.

Helen Wakefield

Are you ready to up-level your online visibility game?

Your website can empower you and give you confidence to get visible, promote your program and point people to your magnetic website (drop the website shame!).

So you can finally have a successful online business….

  • Where your website is the key to real business freedom.
  • Make money (for real) while you are spending time with your family.
  • Attract high-level clients to your business
  • Grow your mailing list and capture warm leads
  • Sell your high-ticket packages
  • Have Google advertise your services for free
  • Have Raving fans / Ambassadors promote your business (for free)
  • Elevate your authority in your industry: attract collaborations, speaking opportunities
  • Increase your Visibility online
  • Pandemic proof your business with a website that is built to perform and deliver


You are not going to grow your business with a website that hasn’t been customised to your audience and your business vision.

If your website isn’t making you money, we need to talk.

Most people create (or pay someone to create) a website and then just leave it.

It might look very pretty, but it doesn’t serve its purpose.

Pretty without purpose is useless (and it doesn’t make you money).

Your website should make your life easier – and not be another thing on your plate to manage.

A few years down the track, you wonder why your business isn’t hitting those 6 or 7 figure numbers.

My team and I build something that is both: beautiful and purposeful.

Your website should represent your brand, attract your ideal clients and provide a seamless experience where a visitor becomes a customer.


Never have to think about the tech or website stuff again.

For a full 12 months, you have a TEAM of experts working on your business. An Agency in your pocket that is working on your business towards your vision for the year. No more chasing for referrals for random contacts who can help you piece your site and business together. You’ll have all the expertise you need in one place. Working behind the scenes of your business – so you can work ON the business – and feel free to do what you love to do most in business.


  • Professional Web & Graphic Design
  • Dedicated Web Development
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Automations & Integrations
  • Continued Website Care & Maintenance
  • Online Business Strategy to help women in business elevate their business through transformation of their website and online presence


We’ll identify the areas of opportunities for improvement and growth


An online branded presence that will impresse your visitors, and establish you as the expert and authority


Strategy, content and design that will inspire your customers to engage and take action

This isn’t for you IF…

You don’t want to grow your business

You aren’t willing to do the work
(we take care of the tech but there will be some input required that we’ll need to start with)

You aren’t able to respond in a timely fashion for sign-offs and content delivery

You aren’t willing to trust the expertise offered

Our 12 month program  will help you elevate your business and attract paying clients with ease

Free yourself from tech jail and focus on your genius zone.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore, you’ll have a whole team ready to serve and support you – and help you make all your business dreams come true.

Your business is dependent on how much you are willing to invest in the system behind it.

Success comes to the brave.

This isn’t about the website.

It’s about the business you envisioned to have. The clients you desire to serve.

The impact you are called to make.

That decision starts right here.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive…

  • An in-depth questionnaire so I can understand the needs and goals of your business
  • One hour strategy call: Where we identify: goals, the roadblocks, opportunities, and plan out the online strategy for the next 12 months (VALUED AT $1500)
  • We will immediately on-board to our care plan, where we will ensure your system is secure, updated and backed-up (VALUED AT $1200)
  • Up-level every part (or overhaul) of your online presence to engage visitors and convert them into clients. (VALUED AT $6000-$9000)
  • Professional SEO optimised website copywriting  (VALUED AT $2500)
  • Automatic client review requests – boost your online reputation AND your search engine rankings (VALUED AT $3000)
  • Monthly website reports and updates so you can see your SEO and engagement increase (VALUED AT $750)
  • Quaterly Website Audits & Strategy Sessions (VALUED AT $2400)

That’s over $1700 in value!

All of this for your business for just

$11 976


$998 per month


Pay the 12 months up front and receive an additional 2 months in the system!

As a business owner – you need more then just an agency with an SEO plan.

And you need more then just a fancy website that looks pretty.

I take your website and give you a business that performs.

It’s seamless.

It’s automated.

 It’s built perfectly by a team of experts working on your business, led by an experienced online business strategist who will guide and support you and do the heavy lifting of your online business system over the next 12 months.

Leave no tech stone unturned.

Don’t let the tech hold you back from scaling your business any longer.

If you don’t take action your business will remain stagnant. Your income won’t increase, your business won’t grow and you’ll be exactly where you are now 12 months from now.


Imagine 12 months from now…


When your website is a magnetic money maker and you are making real money while you sleep. Your mailing list is booming, and website traffic has tripled. People are discovering you online and your business is booking out. You are spending your days in your genius zone, while the clients and referrals continue to flow in.

30 Day Guarantee

If you sign up to our 12 month program and fully show up for the first 30 days from your start date (meaning you respond to our emails promptly and provide us the right information and resources we need to work on your business)

AND you don’t get results – I will refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked. That’s how much faith I have in our program. If you show up, if you do the work – you’ll get results. 


It’s your time

This program offers a personalised and strategic approach to create a website and online business plan that works. We make decisions based off data and strategies that will WORK for your business – taking you exactly where you are at to exactly where you want to be.

Let us help you create a successful automated business that makes you money and gives you real freedom.

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