Our Process


First thing we do is learn about your business, your current pain points, and your business goals. We’ll have a meeting, either in person or over the phone/ Skype, and Helen Wakefield, our digital strategist, will ask a lot of questions so that we have a full understanding of your business needs.


Now that we understand your business requirements, we will develop an online presence strategy centred on your new website. This will incorporate lead generation, social media platforms, email marketing, analytics, and anything else that will help with your goals and is within your budget.

Design & Development

Here we get into the fun stuff and actually build your website. This is also the phase where you’ll need to be on-hand to answer questions, provide content, and sign-offs.

Firstly, we’ll develop an interactive prototype so you can actually see the structure of the website and ensure we’ve got all the areas covered.

Next, we’ll bring the website to life with a design based on your brand identity.

Finally, we’ll add in all the behind-the-scenes functionality and conduct extensive testing. We have proofreaders and quality control officers who will go over the website with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it’s ready to launch well.

Ongoing Support

Websites are not set-and-forget. They require ongoing support and maintenance to keep them secure and running optimally. We offer Website Care Plans, as well as ongoing digital marketing services to help your business grow.