Life Skills 4 Kids

The Brief

Deb Hopper from Life Skills 4 Kids approached us about redesigning their existing website. They’d had their existing website for several years as they were growing the business. But as their business and profile had grown, they needed a site that reflected their level of experience and expertise.

It was also time for a rebrand. Their existing logo was looking dated and they needed something new and fresh. The website needed to help streamline their processes, and move from selling their products on InfusionSoft to selling them on their own website.

They also needed a website the Life Skills 4 Kids team could add to and edit themselves.

Our Approach

Before any website work could be done, the rebranding had to be completed first. We teamed up with Kirrily Dures from KD Design who worked with Deb to create a new logo, with the colours and style that not only reflected their brand, but would help them differentiate between their 3 target audiences.

Deb also had a branding photo shoot with Janelle Keys Photography, which provided us with an array of fabulous photos to use across the website.

The next step was the copywriting for the website. This was done by SEO copywriter, Claudia Bouma. The copywriting was optimised for SEO to help Life Skills 4 Kids be found for the search words they wanted to target.

Now with the logo, photography and copywriting completed, it was time to tackle the web design.

We started with designing the home page that would set the tone for the entire site. We incorporated the 3 colours of the logo so that each colour reflected the different sections, or audiences, of Life Skills 4 Kids.

This was a big project, with more than 20 pages. There were also other pages the Life Skills 4 Kids team were going to build themselves. We saved predesigned modules in their site so that they could easily add and edit design elements to pages themselves.

Once the site was designed and built, we setup WooCommerce so they could sell products on their own site. We integrated customised invoices that send automatically after purchases, and advanced integrations with their accounting software, Xero.

We also set them up with CartFlows to eliminate their need of ClickFunnels – which was just an extra expense.

The Result

Life Skills 4 Kids now have a professionally built, custom designed website that accurately reflects their brand, personality and level of expertise and experience. It has given them a strong place from which to continue expanding their business.

Life Skills 4 Kids
Life Skills 4 Kids Custom Website Design