The Herald of Hope

The Brief

The Herald of Hope has been publishing a bi-monthly magazine for over 70 years. They also publish numerous booklets and pamphlets, as well as run conference events around Australia each year.

The Herald of Hope committee approached Helen Wakefield, Head Digital Strategist of Impressence Web Studios in 2016 about modernising their existing website and utilising online methods to reach more people.

They wanted to:

  • Update their old website
  • Make better use of their website for accepting renewal payments
  • Improve the organisation and delivery of their content
  • Attract more younger readers
  • Increase their reach world-wide

Our Approach

New Website

The first thing we did was work with The Herald of Hope on a brand new website incorporating modern design elements and a new system for their customers to pay their subscription renewals in a way that also sent them automatic reminders when their renewals were due.

We converted their catalogue of over 100 PDF articles into posts on the website, instantly generating amazing content for their site. We enabled on-page playback of their audio catalogue and added a shopping cart system for visitors to order free publications.

Social Media

Next we took over management of their Facebook Page. We created a content schedule for sharing their website content and reaching a wider demographic. We implemented paid advertising to improve reach and awareness. 

On Going Support and Development

With reporting tools we were able to analyse the website traffic and social media engagement to further improve and develop the Herald of Hope’s online strategy. We continued to assist the organisation in other areas such as bringing their video content to their website and channels such as YouTube, and most recently we have implemented a lead-capture on their website.

The Result

When the new Herald of Hope website was launched it had 800 visitors per month on average. Within 5 months this had grown to 2000 visitors per month, and they currently have on average 3000 visitors per month.

They started receiving so many requests for their publications that they had to put a quantity limit on international deliveries.

The Herald of Hope’s Facebook Page originally had around 100 Page Likes. This number is now greater than 2000 and continues to grow through organic measures.

We continue to work with the Herald of Hope as a consultant and strategy partner, constantly looking for and implementing ways to better utilise their resources and continue their online growth.

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