Here’s the Formula for Writing an Awesome “About Us” Page


Who reads your About Us page? Your potential clients, of course. They are the ones who are deciding whether they want to do business with you – or not. If you can’t impress them online, how will you impress them in person?

Think of this section on your website as your brand or company resume. If you want to come up with an About Us section that helps you sell, here’s what you need to put in it.

1. Hook

Why should people read everything that is on your About Us page? The hook is a compelling statement that urges the reader to keep going from one paragraph to the next. Of course, to make your hook effective, you need to consider your audience too. Think about what appeals most to your clients and move from there.

2. Social Proof

If you have awards, certifications and press releases, put it in the About Us section of your website. It proves to clients that you are who you say you are. Your goal is not to toot your own horn. Rather, it’s to inform potential clients that you excel in what you do and that they can trust you to get the job done.

3. Values

What is your company about? Define your brand persona, mission, and vision. Putting these into words makes you more relatable to your audience. It gives prospects an idea of what you stand for, what you aim for, and the beliefs you represent.

4. Timeline

As much as you can, don’t go into a long and boring narrative. Make your About Us page concise and dynamic. Present text in a simpler format with the help of bullets or graphics. If you can, add a short video which shows the humble beginnings of your business to excite the audience.

5. Media

Again, don’t only rely on blocks of text to tell your story. Add in a couple of pictures and graphics in your About Us section. It will entertain your clients when they view your page. Before they know it, they’ve read everything from start to finish!

6. Call to action

What do you want prospects to do after reading your About Us page? Adding an actionable closing paragraph prompts customers to proceed where you want them to go. You can either invite them to sign up for your e-mail newsletter or subscribe to your blog. If they like what they’ve read, you’ll get more subscribers easily.

The Takeaway

The internet is full of websites that offer similar products and services as you. To rise above the competition, you need an About Us page that can tell your story in the best light.

Use this section of your website to create a connection with your clients. Don’t just give boring and impersonal facts, let loose and have some fun. Once customers get to know your brand or business, they’re more inclined to trust you and what you have to offer.

Do you think your website has an effective About Us page? What do you think could make it better?


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