About Us

We approach all projects from a strategic point of view.

Your website is an asset, and we believe it should be working hard for your business.

Our Mission

At Impressence Web Studios we are small, specialised team devoted to producing quality, results and personalised service for our clients.

We treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own, and love to see them get results out of their websites and digital marketing.

We’re bursting with ideas of how we can help our clients grow their businesses so that they can focus on what they love most. We’d love to help you!

We believe that a website needs four essential ingredients:

To Look Good

A modern, professional website tells your customers that you are a legitimate, professional and current business – i.e. you are active and already have customers.

Have Great Content

Content that is relevant and strategically written for your target audience tells your customers that you know what you are talking about.

Work Effectively

Your website needs to do what your business needs it to do, and what your customers need it to do!

Be Found

Ingredients 1-3 are all well and good, but visitors need to be able to find your website.

All these elements build customer trust. When customers trust you, you’ll get more sales!

Helen Wakefield

Helen is the founder, owner and Head Web Strategist of Impressence Web Studios. She has been in the IT industry since 2000, and has a degree in Computer Science & Technology from the University of Sydney.

Helen worked in IT Support in Sydney in the first part of her career, eventually operating as the IT Support Manager before moving into Business Intelligence and Business Analysis. As a Business Analyst she worked with users and businesses to define their requirements and find the appropriate technological solution. She gets a kick out of helping businesses do things more efficiently and productively.

She has always had a love for the web and has been building websites and databases since 1990s. She has brought together her passions for information & technology and business solutions to create Impressence Web Studios.

Now based in North West New South Wales, Helen is pleased to bring her metropolitan and technical experience to rural and regional businesses, while also servicing her big city clients.