Do You REALLY Need a Blog For Your Business?


Think about it. Surely, multi-million companies don’t hash out blogs daily just because. If that were the case, they would have been wasting time and money on some fool’s errand. But you know full well that big businesses don’t do that—each strategic step they take is about earning more revenue—and yes, that includes running a blog.

No matter how big or small your business is, running a blog will always be in your favour. Down below we’ve listed the reasons why.

It brings in more clients

Sure, having a business website is great. It gives your clients easier access to your products and services. Yet, does your website actually grow your client pool? Rarely, yes, but not always.

Running a blog changes that for good. Blogs are a great means of increasing web traffic. People search for all kinds of stuff on the internet all the time. If someone has a certain need or question, your blog post can pop up to answer it. This means potential new clients and more revenue for you!

It improves brand authority

Everyone wants to work with an expert. It’s a natural thing. You would want the best products and services in exchange for your hard-earned money too, right? Yet, as a business owner, you can’t just go around claiming that you’re the best and expect people to believe you. Empty words won’t make you credible. People want proof and you can give them that with your blog.

A business blog shows people that you know what you’re doing- that you’re the best at what you do. (After all, how are you supposed to write about such specialised topics if you weren’t?) Plus, it gives you a space to explain what your products and services are for. It’s a way to start the “sales process” without actually selling. Sharing insightful content will make consumers feel comfortable with you and it leads them to eventually buying from you.

It builds connections

After reading your content and seeing how you can help, clients will want to get in touch with you. At the end of your blog, you can add a little call-to-action to direct your reader where you want them to go. If that person doesn’t need your help right now, they might know someone who does. You can prompt them to share your blog post to their friends and family, then voila! Your network of clients grows on its own, without you having to lift a finger.

Simple, right? No hard selling. No sales pitches that fall flat. No paying for expensive ads.

Your blog will act as a magnet that leads interested consumers in your direction. In fact, 70% of consumers found out about a business through their company blog.  Running a website blog lets you tap into new markets that will help you bring in your ideal clients—and all you did was share helpful information to them for FREE.

So yes, if you want to reach and attract more customers, set yourself up as the expert and go-to business, then you need a blog.

We can get you started straight away. We are always bursting with ideas for content and have the writers on board to get things under way. Get in touch and let’s start showing the world that you’re the bomb!

Still mulling it over? Stay tuned. Next week, we’ll give you some ideas on what to write about.

Yes, I want to get started with content!

We can do the hard work of writing your articles to help position you as the expert and go-to business.

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