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Getting Started with Blogging: 8 Blog Topics You Can Easily Write About


Last week, we mentioned that blogging is a great way of attracting more customers. But what on earth are you supposed to write about?

Coming up with content for your blogs isn’t as hard as you think.

The recipe for a successful blog is simple. It’s not about TELLING your clients why they should do business with you. It’s about giving your audience value, helping them with their challenges and enabling them to get to know you. At the same time, you’ll end up SHOWING them why you are the business to work with.

Ready to start? Here are eight blog topics that you can easily write about.

1. Create a FAQ post

Round up a list of questions your clients usually ask about. Making this post saves both you and your customer’s time. Plus, it lets them know that you’re responsive to their needs!

2. Discuss trends

What’s new in the industry? Your brand gains authority when you blog about how things evolve within your niche. Don’t miss out on giving your clients the latest scoop! 

3. Give clients a sneak peek

What do you plan on doing in a couple of months or the next year? Talk about it on your blog to get people hyped up.

4. Make a series

Feel like you’re on a roll with making blog posts? Pick an interesting yet complex topic and break it up into chunks. Your readers will be sure to stay tuned for the next instalment.

5. Show what’s behind the scenes

Give your clients a tour of your office/facility through a blog post! This type of content highlights your stellar work practices. Which, in turn, shows your obvious brand authority. It also helps the customer relate more to you.

6. “How-To” Articles

Do you want to help your customers with tasks related to your product or service? Writing “How-To” articles or “Step-by-Step” guides is the best way to do it. It also helps if you insert pictures in the content. These types of articles are very popular especially for customers who are visual learners.

7. Explain how you make things happen

What are the processes your products go through before they reach the shelves? How are certain services done? Telling your clients about these helps build trust.

8. Debunk myths

What are the most common misconceptions clients often have about your industry? Share the facts on your blog! Again, sharing informative blogs to your clients will help build your brand authority.


See, it doesn’t have to be that hard! All you have to do is pick a subject and get busy on your keyboard. It’s okay to start slow, and your posts don’t need to be long. The key is to make a variety of fun content and to post regularly – even if it’s just twice a month.

Don’t have the time or inclination to write? That’s okay! We are here to help you – whether you need some posts written to get your started, or need something on a more regular basis. Don’t let time get in the way of the benefits of having great content on your website – chat with us today!

Yes, I want to get started with content!

We can do the hard work of writing your articles to help position you as the expert and go-to business.


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