Amplified Feed Solutions

The Brief

Amplified Feed Solutions is a livestock feed manufacturer in the Liverpool Plains. They had a Facebook Page, but no website yet. They approached us to design and develop one for them. They wanted a website to:

  • reflect their professionalism, experience and quality product
  • enable customers to find and contact them
  • enable customers to find out about their products

They also had a tight deadline as they were about to distribute several thousand flyers advertising their products, on which their website would be featured.

Our Approach

We worked to get a coming soon up on their web address in time for their flyer distribution. This way their web visitors would still find them online and be able to contact them.

Once that was done we started the full website project. We set the structure of the site before coming up with a design for Amplified Feed Solutions approval.

The FAQs page emerged as a important feature. It became apparent that customers had a lot of questions about Amplified Feed Solutions products, and as a result the owners were fielding a lot of calls about it.

The Result

Amplified Feed Solutions have a professional website that enables their customers to find out about their products and to contact them. They now also save time by directing customers to the FAQs page when they have questions.

We integrated social media sharing buttons to their blog posts so that they can be shared and help spread awareness of their products and service area.

Take a look at Amplified Feed Solution.