Book Review Sisters – Website Migration & Redesign

The Brief

The Book Review Sisters ran several years ago on the Blogger Platform. Although the blog hasn’t been added to in quite some times, the Book Review Sisters wanted to keep all the content and repackage it in a new and fresh way. They also wanted to move from Blogger to a WordPress website.

Our Approach

Migrating their site was a big job. With over 200 pages/posts, there was a lot of content to bring across.

There were a couple of challenges to migrating the Blogger site over to WordPress. One thing we didn’t want to lose was the blog’s existing search engine rankings. Blogger uses a very different URL structure to WordPress, but we were able to replicate this in their new site using a plugin and some tricks. This ensured that each original page and blog post’s URL did not change.

We also had to manually reformat all 200+ posts into a more pleasing layout.

The Result

Book Review Sisters have a new, fresh look for their website and Facebook Page. They are now regularly sharing their old content as “From the Archives” features to a new audience, and are able to add new content when they desire it.

Book Review Sisters: Migrating Blogger to WordPress
Book Review Sisters Website Redesign