Footloose Linedancers – New Website Design

The Brief

Glenda in Gunnedah approached us to build a website for her linedancing school, Footloose Linedancers. She said it was time for them to go online so that their existing students and potential new students could connect with them and find out about their classes.

They wanted something bright and colourful that reflected the fun and slightly cheeky atmosphere of the group. 

It was very important that the site was uncluttered, straightforward and easy to use, as most of their target audience were not tech savvy. 

Our Approach

We sat down with Glenda and Vicki to talk about what they wanted in their website. We reviewed some sites that they liked the look of to get an idea of what designs they liked.

We sent through questions for Glenda to answer in order to build the content for the site. We helped sort through their photos, and wrote a couple of news articles to get their blog started.

Our graphic designer came up with an awesome header which set the tone for the entire site. Footloose already had a logo, but they didn’t have a high resolution file format, so our graphic designer was able to recreate it for the website. 

We also helped them jazz up their Facebook Page with a new cover image to match their website, and some posts to advertise their new website and class times.

The Result

Glenda and her crew are thrilled with the design of their new website. They love the colours and layout, and have had a lot of positive feedback.

They are most happy that their website is easy to use.

Footloose Linedancers’ website went live just in time for classes to resume after the COVID restrictions were lifted. They now have a site where they can advertise their classes and upcoming events, and share photos and news.

Check out the groovy Footloose Linedancers and their new website!

Impressence Web Studios have been absolutely wonderful designing Footloose Linedancers Website. The professional help and perseverance to achieve what the client wants is absolutely 100%. There has been no end of help to understand the design and layout of website. There has been no rush to the client, and allowing them to think about any changes needed even if the page is finished. I have recommended Impressence to people that have opened up the website and asked who designed it.They have mentioned how easy it is to get around, with no clunkiness in trying to find information. The simplicity of moving around is utmost of importance. I thank Impressence Web studios for achieving what Footloose Linedancers wanted in the designing of the website.

Glenda Silver

Instructor & Choreographer, Footloose Linedancers

Footloose Linedancers Gunnedah Web Design
Footloose Linedancers Gunnedah Webpage Design