Gunnedah Baptist Church

The Brief

Gunnedah Baptist Church initially needed a website so that visitors could find out about the church, how to get in contact, and to find out when services and other activities are on.

The church also needed to use their website to advertise for a new pastor.

At a later stage, Gunnedah Baptist Church also wanted the ability to upload full-text sermons so that people could read and download them from the website. They desired for the sermons to be helpful to anyone around the world, not just their own congregation.

With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting government restrictions, the website was prepared for the move to online services.

Our Approach

We developed a new, mobile-responsive website for Gunnedah Baptist Church to enable visitors to view content easily on any device. We included the facility to add events to the website that include the dates, location and other pertinent information. These events automatically “expire” from the website once the event passes, taking away the hassle of having to remember to manually remove them.

We also incorporated an easy way for the church to add sermons to the site that enables visitors the option of reading the content on the site, or downloading a PDF version to read or print later.

The recorded YouTube sermons were also easily embedded into each sermon page.

The Result

Gunnedah Baptist Church have a website that is frequently visited by people wanting to find out more about the church, particularly those moving to the town, or those visiting the town who wish to attend a service.

The website was also instrumental in filling the vacant position of new pastor for the church.

The new sermons are proving popular and are being downloaded regularly each week.

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