Rational Nutrition

The Brief

Rational Nutrition approached us about redesigning their existing website, which was about five years old. They felt their content didn’t flow well and needed streamlining. They also wanted their design refreshed and ongoing assistance with maintaining the website.

Our Approach

We worked with Stephanie at Rational Nutrition, and decided a new design would be best to bring them in line with current design trends and ensure their business looked up-to-date. With the content they provided us, we produced a new design and layout that would enable them to build upon if required in the future. We selected new stock photos and created icons to help represent their products.

Once the design was done, we built their new site on WordPress. We helped Rational Nutrition setup reliable web hosting on Australian servers that they owned themselves and would have ongoing control over.

We also submitted their new site to Google Search Console to help speed up their discoverability in online searches and ensured that their existing Google rankings were not lost by mapping their previous site URLS to the new ones.

The Result

Rational Nutrition now have a beautifully designed new website built on a solid platform that will help them maintain their existing credibility and reach new clients. Their new layout also takes the confusion out of their product lines and displays their information in an easy to use and understand format.

New Website Design - Rational Nutrition
Rational Nutrition Home Page Design