Shifting Gears Occupational Therapy

The Brief

Dr Janet Frith is an Occupational Therapist who has a particular focus and passion in helping stroke sufferers return to driving.

She was launching her own business, Shifting Gears Occupational Therapy and approached us about developing her logo and branding, as well as a website. In her new business, Janet provides OT Driving Assessments which the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services in NSW) requires for some drivers.

Janet wanted to do things right from the beginning and get a professional brand image and website from which to launch her business.

Our Approach

The first thing we did was work with Janet to establish her brand colours. From there we designed concepts for her logo, and adjusted until we had exactly what Janet wanted.

At the same time, Janet worked with SEO copywriter, Claudia Bouma, on her website content.

We also worked on a full Brand Guide for Shifting Gears Occupational Therapy. This would serve her business into the future by outlining the exact rules and applications for use of her logo and colours to ensure a consistent and correct representation of her brand, no matter where it is used.

Once the copywriting and brand were fully developed, we designed and built the business’ website.

On top of that, we created a collection of Facebook images for Janet to use and start spreading the news about her business. We also created Canva templates for her so that she could easily create new content for Facebook and keep the integrity of her brand appearance.

The Result

Janet is thrilled with her business brand and you can tell that it did a lot to boost her confidence in launching her business. It was exciting for us to see her quickly go about ordering shirts with her logo on it and proudly wearing them in her photos.

With Claudia’s SEO copywriting and our application of back-end SEO, and high-level design elements, we delivered a professional website that started working for Janet rather quickly.

She was very happy with the project and how it all came together, and how it has enabled her to just focus on doing what she does best.

You can check out Shifting Gears Occupational Therapy for yourself 🙂

Isn’t it exciting to receive a referral that came from your website?! I had this happen to me today. I received a call today and went to launch into my spiel but he didn’t need it. He said everything he needed to know he got off my website. He was ready to book me! It was a really validating moment. Thanks Helen and team!

Dr Janet Frith

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Brand Guide

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