Firewheel Press – Squarespace to WordPress

The Brief

Cecily from Firewheel Press approached us regarding her existing website, which was built on Squarespace. Firewheel Press sell printable bible colouring sheets and other stationery.

Cecily loved their existing design, but the Squarespace ecommerce infrastructure wasn’t allowing her functionality she needed. They wanted the product packages and product options improved and streamlined for customers.

Cecily asked us to recreate her site on WordPress, using WooCommerce for the ecommerce solution. Impressence Web Studios would do the groundwork of developing the framework, and Cecily would add most of the content and products.

Our Approach

First we worked with Cecily to determine just how she wanted her packages constructed, and did the research on what plugins would achieve this.

We replicated Firewheel Press’ existing website design in WordPress. Then we created video instructions to teach them how to continue to add and edit content within that design.

We then setup WooCommerce and a couple of products to get them started, and provided video training on adding the rest of the products.

We needed to ensure that the products had a Quick View display and made the necessary modifications to the site functionality to achieve what the client wanted.

Once we were ready to go live, we redirected their website address to their new WordPress website.

The Result

Cecily was able to launch her new site with the ecommerce improvements she was looking for. The launch came just in time to take the pre-orders for their new journal.

Check out their beautiful website (designed by Firewheel Press themselves) and their beautiful products over at Beautiful Bible Coloring

Honestly, these guys were lifesavers for me. I needed a particular type of ecommerce site, and I had very specific requirements. They managed to get everything I needed, and did it calmly and in a timely manner. I can’t recommend enough.

Cecily Paterson

Author. Editor. Publisher.

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