Thomas Rosenzweig Handyman

The Brief

Thomas is a handyman in Gunnedah NSW. He’s been working for himself as a handyman/jack-of-all-trades for 10 years. He enjoys working on varied projects around Gunnedah and surrounding areas.

All of Thomas’ work has been derived via word of mouth, and is often made up of larger projects spanning several weeks.

Thomas came to Impressence Web Studios because he was starting to look beyond traditional word-of-mouth referrals. He needed more smaller projects to fill in time between the bigger ones, and to diversify his client base, as many of his clients were farmers and they were starting to do it tough due to the drought conditions. He also wanted to showcase his broad range of work skills and attract more of the projects that he really enjoyed.

Our Approach

We worked with Thomas to discover the kinds of work he was looking for, and how best to advertise his skills online. We looked into what digital strategies would be beneficial to his business in a small country town, and ruled out what would not be an effective use of his budget.

Our strategy for Thomas included establishing an appropriate business name and working with a graphic artist to create a logo. Then we created a Facebook Page and determined what local Facebook groups Thomas should be involved in to help spread the word of his business.

We strategically selected a domain name for Thomas. Due to his difficult to spell surname, we didn’t want to risk people misspelling it and therefore not getting to his website. So we came up with an easy to remember and easy to spell alternative.

Finally, we created a brand new, professional website. The website features clear calls-to-action to entice visitors to get in contact, and details Thomas’ services so that visitors can easily discover what kind of work he performs. The website also includes a blog where he can showcase completed projects, which he can then share on his Facebook Page.

The Result

In the space of 6 months, the new business generated by Thomas’ online presence and strategy equated to 20% of his total revenue for the financial year. He now has more customers singing his praises online via way of review, and was able to work on more of the kinds of jobs he enjoys.

He continues to gain new customers thanks to his website. One such customer found him through a simple Google search. And because of his great website showcasing his services and the awesome reviews of his happy customers, they immediately hired him for a job – no further questions asked!

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