BH Collection Services

The Brief

Brenda from BH Collection approached us as she was starting a new business. She knew she needed business cards and a website, but didn’t want a full website yet as she was wanting to dip her toes into this venture.

Our Approach

We talked with Brenda about getting setup well from the beginning and setting up a platform for future growth. We discussed getting her branding right, which started with a logo that would portray her business and resonate with her customers. We collaborated with Kirrily at KD Design for all the design work.

Next we worked on a good business card design that wouldn’t need to be changed too soon down the track. That included incorporating a professional email address (not a gmail address) and website address on the cards. And since she didn’t want a full website yet, we wanted to make sure her potential clients didn’t find an empty, or error page, when they looked up her domain.

To that end, we created a “business card” style website. Super simple, but enough to catch a visitor’s eye and enable them to get in contact with Brenda.

Most importantly, the website should be scalable – ready to grow when Brenda needs it. It was built on a WordPress platform, complete with security features and Google Analytics and Facebook pixels – to track visitors and to assist with effective Facebook advertising if required at a later point.

The Result

Brenda is over the moon with her business’ new professional appearance. She feels she now has the confidence to step out and start networking.

Brenda is armed with a solid brand image, and print pack which includes a professionally designed letterhead and business card. And she’s equipped with an online presence that is ready to grow when she is.

Brenda loved 2 of the business card designs that Kirrily put together, and decided to have two styles of cards! One for in-person networking, the other for mail-out marketing.

Take a look at BH Collection Services business card website!