There are many businesses out there who are operating happily and successfully without a website. In fact, some of them feel they are busy enough and the thought of a website potentially attracting more inquiries is downright overwhelming!

But there are several reasons why a website is still a really good idea, even if you’re swamped with work.

Attract better clients

You have heaps of clients – congratulations, that is fantastic! But I bet some of those clients are a bit more difficult to deal with than others. Perhaps they complain or demand a lot, or are slow in paying. A website can help you attract more of the type of clients you enjoy working with and that will make it easier to say no to those clients that you don’t!

Attract more profitable jobs

Being busy and swamped with work isn’t always a good thing. Is the work you are doing actually profitable? Are there some jobs that are more profitable than others? A website can help you hone in and attract more of the work that actually makes you money.

Save yourself time

Do you find yourself fielding calls and answering the same questions over and over? A good website can reduce the number of general inquiries and questions you get, saving you time. If you clearly present your business and services on a website, potential customers can get the information they need to make their purchasing decision from it. Even better, you can direct people to an FAQ page on your website for all those common questions.

Attract employees

This is an extremely overlooked need. If you want to attract good employees, you need to present your business in an attractive light. Before applying for a job, an applicant is going to check out your website. If you don’t have one, or worse – your website is terrible, you could miss out on some great talent. Millennials (currently aged 23-38 years) in particular are going to judge you by your website – or lack thereof.

You’re selling your business

If you’re thinking of selling your business, or looking for investors, you’ll want a website. A website will increase your business’s value and enable investors to find out why they should invest.

You just don’t know what the future holds

Things happen. Markets turn. Droughts take hold. New competitors emerge. It’s better to invest in a website while you have a steady stream of income so that it’s already up and running and working for you when these unfortunate events strike and affect your business.

If any of these things resonate with you, chat with us today about how we can help!